Dr. Salma Dabiri, Dermatopathology

There are certain conditions that necessitate subspecialty expertise to correctly diagnose and manage. The interpretation of skin biopsies, particular pigmented lesions and inflammatory conditions, requires someone who can accurately identify the salient microscopic features and correlate those findings with the clinical presentation.

Our Board Certified Dermatopathologist is available for interpretation of biopsy material and consultation on your challenging skin cases. New diagnoses of melanoma and invasive carcinoma are routinely reviewed by multiple pathologists as part of our internal quality assurance protocol. Direct communication between clinician and pathologist is central to making the correct diagnosis in many dermatologic conditions, and we encourage you to develop a close working relationship with Dr. Dabiri and the rest of our pathologists through collaboration on challenging or unusual cases.

Routine cases are signed out within 24 hours of receipt, and our laboratory provides an extensive menu of histochemical and immunohistochemical stains to aid in the evaluation of difficult cases.

Immunofluorescence (IF) on skin biopsies is available through our partner laboratories. Read information about how to submit specimens for IF in the 'Specimen Guides' section.

We also offer low cost slide preparation, second opinions, and quality assurance measures for dermatologists that interpret their own biopsies.