Chromosome Analysis

Chromosome analysis is performed on placental or fetal tissue in patients who have repeated spontaneous abortions. The purpose of this test is to determine if the abortion is due to a chromosomal abnormality. The test has to be performed on fresh tissue, and the specimen has to contain placental or fetal tissue.


  1. Time is of essence. It is important that the specimen be delivered to the laboratory as promptly as possible after collection.
  2. The specimen must be submitted to the laboratory in the fresh state. Do not add formalin or any other fixative.
  3. The specimen does not have to be submitted in a sterile container, but the container should be clean and dry.
  4. Complete the Calpath requisition form per the instructions. State clearly that the specimen is fresh and that chromosome analysis should be performed.
  5. Results will be available within 4-5 weeks.
  6. Call Calpath (408-866-5227) for a courier pick-up and inform the courier who picks up the specimen that the specimen is fresh and requires chromosome analysis so that your request can be expedited.

After collecting the specimen, please do the following:

  • Place the specimen in the Calpath specimen bag.
  • Place the requisition form in the side slot of the Calpath specimen bag.