Chlamydia Trachomatis – Neisseria Gonorrhoea

Chlamydia and gonococcal infections of the lower genital tract can be detected by culture, but may also be detected by PCR techniques on the residual fluid of Thin Prep specimens. These tests can only be performed on Thin Prep specimens; they cannot be performed on conventional Pap smears.


  1. The Thin Prep specimen should be collected in the usual manner.
  2. The request for Chlamydia and / or Neisseria test should be made within 10 days of collecting the Thin Prep specimen.
  3. A request for the Chlamydia and / or Neisseria test can be made in one of two ways:
    • The Chlamydia and / or Neisseria test can be ordered at the time the specimen is submitted.
    • The test may be ordered after you have received the Thin Prep report. In this case, call Calpath and request that the Chlamydia and or Neisseria test be performed. The Calpath staff will fax you an authorization form that you should sign and return by fax.