Biopsies - Slide Prep Only

Calpath can prepare slides on skin biopsies for dermatologists who wish to interpret their own biopsies.

Method of Collection

Step 1 - The biopsy should be placed in 10% buffered formalin. Biopsy containers will be provided by Calpath. Write the patient’s name and the biopsy site on the label.

Step 2 – Fill out the Calpath requisition form as follows:

  • Physician’s name in the upper left corner of the requisition form
  • Patient’s last name and first name
  • Mark the box “slide prep only”
  • Write in your accession number in the space labeled “reference number.”
  • Write in the number of biopsies and number of specimen containers in the boxes labeled “number of specimens” and “number of containers” respectively.
  • Write in the biopsy site (for example, left side of nose, right cheek, left forearm, right leg, etc).

Step 3 – Slide/slides will be labeled with the patient’s last and first names, the biopsy site, the date of the biopsy, your accession number, and Calpath’s slide prep accession number.

Step 4 – Slides will be delivered to your office by our courier one working day after the specimen has been received in our laboratory.

Step 5 – If, after review of the slide/slides, you choose to seek our opinion on the case, fill out a new Calpath requisition form and submit the slide/slides to us with the new requisition form.

After Collection

  • Place the specimen in the Calpath specimen bag.
  • Place the requisition form in the side slot of the Calpath specimen bag.
  • Call Calpath for a pickup or
  • Place the Calpath specimen bag in the location where our courier usually picks up your daily specimens.