Peritoneal Washings – Pelvic Washings

A peritoneal washing or pelvic washing specimen is produced when a surgeon washes the peritoneal or pelvic cavity with sterile saline. This procedure is usually performed during gynecologic surgery and is most often done to stage a suspected gynecologic malignancy. The specimen is composed mainly of saline and will not clot. There is therefore, no need to add heparin to the specimen.


  1. Collect the specimen in a clean, dry screw-top container. The container does not have to be sterile.
  2. Fasten the lid securely to avoid spillage.
  3. Do not add any fixative.
  4. Refrigerate the specimen if there is a delay in delivery to the laboratory.
  5. Complete the Calpath cytology requisition form per the instructions.

After collecting the specimen, please do the following:

  • Place the specimen in the Calpath specimen bag.
  • Place the requisition form in the side slot of the Calpath specimen bag.
  • Call Calpath for a pickup or place the Calpath specimen bag in the location where our courier usually picks up your daily specimens.